Brightlife Music artist Emaculent has been relentlessly grinding in the rap game for several years.
Born and bred in the shadows of Detroit before being groomed for hip hop stardom in sunny southern California, Emac’s music is the perfect embodiment of his zodiac sign: An unstoppable tenacity on the mic with his flow.
An empathetic remembrance of past struggles, constructing verbal vignettes which so delicately balances the bittersweet nature of where he’s from. And loyal to a fault, even when the day comes where he’s got enough paper to flood the block.
Emaculent, aka E Da MC, has collaborated with industry veterans such as Ray Jay, E-40, and Lazie Bone (of Bone Thugz N’ Harmony), and is always exclusively focused on the long run. Emac lives his life fully believing that you either shine Bright or get outshined.
In the words of the man himself, for a 1980’s baby, not bad.

Contact Emaculent
Contact directly on Twitter @TheEmaculent1
For booking and info contact manager Mateo13arg@yahoo.com